Classic Japan 2012

If you own a Pre 87 Japanese car then no doubt you were at or heard about the Classic Japan 2012 show last weekend. If not….lucky your here 🙂    Held at Como Park right by the Yarra River  accompanied by picture perfect weather, everything was geared up for a nostalgic and “Awe” inspiring day out.  I had turned up later in the afternoon due to other engagements earlier in the day but still managed to get there in time snap a few of these golden oldies.   It was a great mixture of cars, from the lightly modified to the fully restored beauties that graced the park on the day, it was hard to believe that all these cars had been roaming the streets for a minimum of 26 years!  Some alot more! Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan/Datsun and everything in-between was welcomed in a ogled by friends, family and children from all over Melbourne.  Some making a trip down just for the event, others just walking by and couldn’t resist a peek.

The “buzz” and “brap” of rotaries was a welcomed sound that was not uncommon on the day along with the rumble of pre-fuel injected piston motors.  Although not everyone stayed era specific engine wise with a few getting around sporting a modern motor breathing new life into the glorious bodies of yesteryear.   Along with the congregation of street cars there was a couple of club reg’d race cars that made there way down sporting full livery and rubber that says “I mean business”

If you were unable to make it down or you just didn’t know it was on, I strongly suggest you keep your eyes and ears out for next years show which I hear is geared to be bigger and better.  Next years cut off date will be Pre-88 which means I can participate which I am definitely looking forward to, but for now please enjoy the shots!






















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