JDM Euro Sorrento Cruise

Since being appointed the ‘official photographer’ for JDM Euro Australia, I hadn’t had the chance to attend an event held by the group.

When I saw the Facebook invite for the event, needless to say I couldn’t wait.  Its been a while since I’ve attended a good old-fashioned cruise.  It’s almost become a thing of the past, with ‘meets’ becoming more and more popular, sometimes more than one a week with various clubs or organisers.  I had previously thought this to be because of people’s fear and assumption that a large group of cars driving together will attract a lot of attention from the boys in blue and up until yesterday, this theory made perfect sense to me and I suppose with certain groups of ‘enthusiasts’ this rule would still apply because, well let’s be honest, not everyone is on their best behaviour at car events.

So when I arrived at the meeting spot for the beginning of the cruise, I couldn’t help but keep my eyes and ears open for the sound of a tyre squeal, obnoxious revving or the dreaded siren.   I can pleasantly report that everyone was on their best behavior possible and when it came time to depart for the cruise everyone left in an ordinary manner with no attention grabbing behavior…..I was surprised to say the least.      So to recap, Meet = Good turnout, well-behaved    Depart = flawless execution of a driveway exit like normal people

So far so good!   but there is always one element that no one, not even the authorities can control and that’s the weather!    Any Melburnians will know the luminous feeling of trying to plan any activity outdoors knowing that at any moment the heavens can unleash just the right dosage of crap to kill any well planned event….
At some point I will admit it wasn’t looking good but happily it all held off and the sun even made a few brief appearance!

Once we all arrived at the end location (even though half of us went different ways) there was nothing left to do but fire up the BBQ, enjoy the wide array of cars available for everyone’s viewing pleasure and soak up the atmosphere, weather and sausages 🙂

Hats off to all the crew who put this event together and I look forward to attending the next


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