World Time Attack 2014

Well, each year this post gets later and later.
I don’t know wether its because I don’t want to accept that I have to wait another year to do it all again or that it takes this long to recover and regain thoughts.

The 2014 addition to the legacy that is World Time Attack Challenge was nothing short of amazing…again.   Each year the crowds get bigger, the competitive, adrenaline filled atmosphere gets more and contagious and I leave each year with a bigger urge to dive head first into racing.    Then I realise Im way too broke for that and come smashing back to reality :'(

From what I could tell, the organisers tried a new layout this year with the drift due to the inclusion of the Formula Drift Asia Finals.  They moved a large amount of the festivities up to what they were calling “drift hill”   Seeing as it was so far away we actually missed a large portion of the drifting and nearly died from heat exhaustion with the lack of shelter.  That being said, from what we did catch, it was good…damn good!   Watching international drivers mixing it up with our home grown veterans makes for some pretty awesome viewing and thats what the whole event is about really.  Doesn’t really matter what sorta driving or ‘discipline’ if you will, language barriers or even knowledge base.  Everyone is there for the same reason.

The pure love of motorsport!


Dont think ive ever really crapped on like this before on here but what the heck….its my blog lol


Enjoy the pics 🙂


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